cricket match with your Bollywood escort

On screen cricket match with your Bollywood escort

The game of cricket runs in the blood of the Indian public. You can easily see the game going on in every nook and corner of the city when the cricket fever is on. People like playing the game with tennis balls, makeshift stumps, and varying size of the fields.

The whole enjoyment comes from scoring runs and bowling out the batting side. Watch a cricket match with your Bollywood escort

However, all the people do not like getting physical and enjoy watching the game on their TV sets and in public places. The fun becomes manifold when you have the right audience watching along with you. How about taking your celebrity escort Mumbai to watch a day and night cricket match on a giant screen.

The match could be T-20 or a one day international. When the live performances are being telecast in the evenings you can see large crowds gathered in public spaces in front of giant screens. It is also possible to get comfortable seating and viewership in big hotels that specially make arrangements for such events and watch cricket match with your Bollywood escort.

You can get further enjoyment if the match is between the Indian team and its formidable rivals like Australia and South Africa or the more traditional ones like Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The advantage of watching the game in the big hotels is that you can also eat and have drinks along with your model escort Mumbai while keeping the tempo on with the game.

cricket match with your Bollywood escort

The thrill of the game can be felt when the Indian batsman score the boundaries and the sixes. With every run scored you will hear the shouts and claps. Soon you and your hi-profile escort Mumbai would be a part of the melee and participating in the game. Your nationalist feelings will overpower you when the Indian bowlers strike at the opponents and take the wickets.

You can add zing to the whole affair by betting on the match outcome with your Bollywood escort Mumbai. Whosoever wins will be calling the shots when you are together in your hotel room in the night ahead. It looks to be a fair deal.

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