boat ride with your bollywood escort

Boat ride with your Bollywood escort Mumbai?

boat ride with your bollywood escort

The city of Mumbai has a very long coastline. At a number of places you can see the sea beaches which are thronged by the public. The beaches become the places for having fun and frolic.

People make merry by splashing into the shallow sea waters or by enjoying the street food at the stalls put up on the beach front. You can also find people picnicking on the shore while others are relaxing on the soft dry sand.

You also can enjoy the fun by venturing out into the sea with your model escort Mumbai.

The best way to go deeper into the sea is to try a boat ride. There are boat rides where 30 to 40 passengers are ferried far from the shores and then brought back.

You can get these motorized boat journeys or plan a manual boat ride along with your celebrity escort Mumbai.

The latter works out better because it is just the two of you on the boat along with the oarsman. Once you are away from the shore, you have your own privacy. The oarsmen understand the purpose very well and allow you to have full liberty.

boat ride

You can also try to row the boat by yourself by asking the oarsman to teach you the process. The process is very simple and you will get the hang of it very easily. All you require is some masculine strength to cut through the water.

You can make the process enjoyable by making your hi-profile escort sit right in front of you and make the rowing movements with you.

The oarsman can be in the front and steer the boat from there while you enjoy the rubbing and brushing with your Bollywood escort Mumbai.

Your VIP escort would also like the rowing movements and moving in tandem with your movements. She gets a push as take the oars to the front and then enjoys leaning on you as you cut through the water. A boat ride with your Bollywood escort is not for everyone you realize.

Don’t get too much engrossed into the action as you would need a lot of energy when you reach back to the room. But you can always take some good food at a restaurant on the way back to recharge your batteries.

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