picnic with your celebrity escort Mumbai can be fun

The city of Mumbai is known for diverse reasons and one of them is its natural beauty. The city has a number of tree grooves, gardens and parks that herald its greenery. The Hanging Gardens and the Kamla Nehru Park in South Mumbai are excellent getaways.

But, wait till you get to the Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Borivilli and you will marvel at the lush green landscapes and the flowers in full bloom in the upcoming spring season. How about a picnic with your celebrity escort to these plush green areas.

picnic with your celebrity escort

These parks offer the perfect serene surroundings away from the traffic and congestion of the city. You can enjoy the walk on the entwining walkways that criss-cross the entire park.

If you are lucky you can also see the deer grazing in the park and the peacocks dancing in the woods. There are plenty of benches to take rest and the celebrity escort with you may like to enjoy a few rounds on the swings when you picnic with your celebrity escort.

The fresh and clean air in the park will do a lot of good to your lungs. The parks are the best bet for a healthy impetus for your body.

When you picnic with your celebrity escort The walk around the park is definitely going to make you feel hungry and the availability of food in the parks may be very limited. It is preferable to carry packaged food for your picnic in the park. You can sit down in the grass or on the benches and enjoy the picnic lunch.

Most of the parks in the city are open in the day only and hence you will have to plan your outing along with your Bollywood escort Mumbai accordingly.

After a good lunch it is time to relax on the lush green grass. How about lying down with your head resting on the lap of your hi-profile escort Mumbai?

For sure, you are going to enjoy every bit of the caressing and gentle stroking of your head as she slides her fingers through your hair. The mesmerizing experience is going to give you the relaxation that you have been longing for all these years.

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