bike ride with your model

A bike ride with your model escort Mumbai can be fun and an unexpected closeness with your companion.

Owning a classy bike and then riding it on the city roads and highways is a passion for many. You will often see groups of bike owners zooming across the roads on the way to their destinations. Every bike company, whether it is Hero, Yamaha, Suzuki, Bajaj, or Honda has a sporty looking model for the road enthusiasts. Plan bike ride with your model for a new experience.

The CBZ from Hero and the 90K plus models from Yamaha and Suzuki are the head turners. Then there are bikes for the connoisseurs from Eicher and Harley Davidson. While the Harley bikes fall in the expensive range the Eicher Bullet in its new avatar is a runaway success when you bike ride with your model.

bike ride with your model

If you own one of these classy bikes, you can easily plan a ride across the Mumbai city with the celebrity escort Mumbai on the pillion ride. All you need to do is call up the Mumbai escort service and pick up the Bollywood escort for a bike ride with your model from the designated spot.

The ride becomes enjoyable if you own a taper seat or a high pillion level bike. You would have seen these sizzling bikes with the heroine towering behind the hero in the Bollywood movies. It is your time now to make the people around you jealous.

Riding on the bike means that you need to have a dress code. Tight fitting clothes with zipped up jackets and boots make the right ensemble. If you inform your intentions to the Mumbai escort agency beforehand, they will ensure that the model escort giving you company also wears a compatible dress with no loose flying stuff.

As you accelerate when the red light turns green to zip ahead of the rest of the traffic you are going to make quite a few heads turn.

The real enjoyment of the bike ride comes when you are on the empty stretches of the highway. As you get into top speed the bike vrooms ahead and your VIP escort Mumbai clings to you all the more closely.

Enjoy the repeats so long as you keep the safety limits and head gear on. For sure you would have the erotic pulses giving you the desired pleasure.

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