model escort dress up exclusively for you

Get the model escort dress up exclusively for you

One of the discerning services provided by the Mumbai escorts agency is to provide you with a hi-profile escort who gears up for you according to your needs and desires. Every man wants her companion to look smart, beautiful and inviting. All you need to do is to share your desires with your Mumbai escort and she would be happy to oblige and the escort dress up exclusively for you. All it takes is an hour or two for her to get herself ready in the desired mode.

You have to take her to a good beauty parlour, so that she can have her facial done. The pedicure and manicure add the zing to her feet and hands making them soft and supple. While she is having these done, you can pick up the nail polish, lipstick, gloss, and mascara etc. as per the list provided by your model escort. The colours can be of the choice as you would like.

If you provide these accessories at the beauty parlour, they would be happy to get her ready accordingly. However, you can also carry these to the hotel room where the celebrity escort Mumbai would get decked up as the escort dress up exclusively for you.

As you are back in the hotel and coolly sipping the ordered drinks, you can take your time to admire your Bollywood escort. The bright red lipstick on her lips is inviting enough. But wait till you look at the majestic purple nails on her soft hands and supple feet. The touch and feel of the same is going to set your heart racing.

The VIP escorts are particularly adept at playing the tricks with their hairdos. You would be surprised to see the shades of her personality when she opens up her hair and then ties them up in a neat bun. Make the selection that is to your liking.

Allow her to mesmerize you by the use of the eye liner and eye shadow. The orange on her cheeks and the lip gloss are only going to make her irresistible. It is up to you to control yourself or let the animal in you come out in the loose.

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