Movie time with your Bollywood escort

Movie time with your Bollywood escort

Indians have a special weakness for the movies and it is not limited to the Bollywood movies alone. They have a special liking for the Hollywood films as well and especially so when they have a female friend to give them company. The Mumbai escorts service comes to your aid when it comes to providing you female company in the form of a celebrity escort Mumbai.

We can only guarantee that you pleasure of watching the movie would only be doubled or tripled once you have the hi-profile escort by your side.

There are many ways of enjoying the movie. The preferred mode is to take your Bollywood escort to the nearest Cineplex or PVR. The advantage of a PVR is that you have multiple shows of the latest blockbuster running and you are likely to get the tickets of the show that starts within an hour max.

Movie time with your Bollywood escort

Once inside the hall and on your seats, you can secretly take advantage of the darkness. Your advances are going to be accepted by the Mumbai escort so long as they do not break the decency of the surroundings. So plan your moves accordingly and enjoy Movie time with your Bollywood escort.

Many of our friends are not so enterprising and prefer to watch the movies along with their VIP escorts in the confines of the hotel room. They prefer to get cosy with their companion while the movie runs on the screen in front which is one more great way to enjoy Movie time with your Bollywood escort

You can watch the romantic movie if that is to your liking or instead go for the ones that have the sizzling scenes with the item girls. Whatever is the case you should avoid going in for the vulgar content because it is not for watching together.

The Hollywood movie makers have a habit of regularly coming out with movies that have a lot of erotic content but is displayed decently. It would be really enjoyable and entertaining if you and your hi-profile escort Mumbai decide on watching the movies like “Fifty shades of Grey” or “Basic Instinct.”

The best part of watching the movie in your hotel room is that you can rewind the scenes till you really get a hang of what is going on. It is only then you can practice it to perfection!

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