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Enjoy the company of the model escort dressed up as a maid

We keep on reading the numerous stories of the men of the house taking liberties with the maid servants, especially when there is no one else in the house. Some of the maids are extra smart and knowing the male weakness extract a lot of money from them for the small favours tendered. It leaves a lot to be desired by the males. There is a way to get over your half-hearted attempts. You can call for the services of the model escort Mumbai who would be pleased to dress as a maid for you.

If you want a typical “Maharashtrian bai”, in a saree as you have seen in the Bollywood movies, you ought to be buying the desired colour and print of the saree from the market. You can tell your hi-profile escort Mumbai about the Bollywood number where you saw the heroine dressed up as a maid. As the VIP escorts are avid watchers of the Hindi movies, they are sure to recollect the scene and the dress worn by the heroine.

Go to the market along with your celebrity escort Mumbai and purchase that green or orange saree with the exquisite border that you liked so much. Once back in your hotel room let the Bollywood escort dress up in the heroine style. Since every one of us can act a bit, ask your Mumbai escort to act as a typical maid servant, where you are the man of the house.

You are now free to enjoy all that you have missed. While she gets down to sweep the floor you can get a peek from the top of her blouse. She brushes against your legs while mopping the floor and giving you some erotic moments. Since you are tired you can ask the model escort Mumbai to press your legs and especially the thighs which are paining. As she toils on you, you can have a good look at her from all angles to your heart’s content. A massage on your back is her speciality which can charge you for the action ahead.

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