Fun time at the water park with your hi-profile escort Mumbai

Despite the numerous sea beaches in the city of Mumbai, the inland water parks have gained popularity over the years. This is because of the water that is clear and is also not harsh on your skin like the sea water. Besides the water, you can have fun on the slides, tunnels and also play a number of water games. It is a very nice place to be if you have company when you go to water park with your hi-profile escort

The Mumbai escort service is there to take care if you feeling the lack of it. A model escort Mumbai will be right there by your side as you place the order on the agency.

You have the perfect liberty to choose the bikini for your Bollywood escort from the market place. For all we may know, you might be getting inspiration from the bikini shoots of the Bollywood heroines in the movies. The colour and the cut are acceptable, so long as it within the decency limits.

Once you are at the water park you can put on your swimming trunks and begin your rendezvous in the pool with your celebrity escort Mumbai giving you company. You can best admire her beauty as you play the ball with her right opposite. As she jumps to catch the ball, you can get a good view of her statistics. You can also sit right behind her as you both slip on the water slides right into the pool at water park with your hi-profile escort.

Another way to have fun is to bask in the sun by the pool side. You can enjoy a refreshing drink while lying down on the relaxing couches by the pool side. This also allows you to get a good view of your hi-profile escort Mumbai enjoying a swim in the pool. It also sets your imagination rolling as you plan for the night session ahead after enjoying water park with your hi-profile escort.

You can add to the enjoyment by applying sun tan lotion on the back of your VIP escort Mumbai when she comes out of the pool to enjoy the sun and relax. It is a different matter that how much control you have in order to make it back to the hotel room when you touch her.

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