roleplay by escorts
Roleplay by Escorts

VIP escort in Mumbai is also known as a roleplay by escorts companion because of her profession and the roles she plays or commonly called roleplay by escorts. You may want to pay her for ultimate companionship, drinks, dinner, or sexual roleplay. Escorts are always expected to play a specific role to entice their clients.

These actions are known as role-playing or task play. It consists of great erotic elements in which these girls are playing with sexual fantasies. They may want to work with foreplay and they can definitely arouse them sexually. These escorts are specialized for different roles.

roleplay by escorts


These girls play different roles of doctor, nurse, or patient to arouse your sexual fantasies. It is also known as medical fetish. These girls wear the uniforms for different roles to play. Most of the time, client prefers to become a patient and they play as doctor or nurse. Mumbai VIP escorts get command from the client.


In that case, you may want to become a business person and Escort in Mumbai can be your secretary. Many men prefer to be the boss and have a sexy and hot secretary to seduce them. Sometimes, men might want to play secretary when they want to get punished by dominating female boss. Here, they may want to wear nylon stockings.

Age Play

In this role, clients have to treat their Mumbai escort girls as they come from other age groups. Sometimes, this process gets regressive where you have to experience fantasy. They rebuild the sexual affiliation with persons of right ages. Most of these escorts are young and they play this role very well. They pretend to be younger than they are. 


It is another situational role which is set in the environment of a prison. As real jails are set as communities of same sexes, this kind of fetish is derived by man on man and woman on woman settings. But you can also play opposite sex where you can involve a guard and inmate.

This setting often involves co-ed facility where you can add your Escort girl Mumbai and enjoy the most of escort service in Mumbai. You can use the uniforms of guard, inmates, and staff. Female escorts have all the right skills to entertain their clients.

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